Decorative Concrete

Soon Rosly Products will be welcoming a new line of concrete products.

Its functional, its beautiful and it can be created to the shape, colour and size you need. With our products you will have a look that is unique and created by you.

You may think concrete is only for walls and floors but there is so much more and its available to you. Rosly Products offers an array of options not just for counter tops or indoor & outdoor flooring. You can detail your driveways, patios, walkways, decks, sinks, bathtubs, outdoor furniture, integral sinks, sinks and more.

No matter the size, the texture, the finish, the space, the colour or the shape, we can create it for your ideal look.

One major benefit to purchasing our concrete products is the cost. For a design that is specific to you, you will pay up to 40% less per square foot as compared to granite or marble. Some design options that will increase the cost are:

  • thickness
  • edging details
  • inserts such as glass chips and
  • integrals such as sinks.

Request an estimate today! We are more than happy to make your home, office and any investment look like amazing.